Sueno      X        Reo 
Swan Creek Patrick is a March, 2010 Andalusian Cremello colt by Sueno and out or Reo.  Patrick will be registered as Partbred Andalusian only because his dam is an unregistered cremello Andalusian mare.  Reo is a purebred Andalusian mare, but because of her coloring she could not be registered as her color was not accepted into the Andalusian Registry until recently, making Patrick, a purebred Andalusian.   Patrick is a very even tempered and kind colt that will be a stand out colt in any show ring and an excellant cross for Sporthorses of any type!
We will be standing him at limited stud in 2013.
Photo's courtsey of Swancreek Andalusians
| Cremello/perlino Stallion
 imported from Spain |
| Cremello/Champagne?
 Spanish Mare |
Photo's taken by Naomi Kissling